Praise for Curse of the Fae Library

It's been two months since I released Curse of the Fae Library. I'm thrilled that it's been my best book launch yet with over 100,000 page reads in Kindle Unlimited. Huge thanks to everyone who gave this new series a shot. It's always scary diving into a new series, where you have to sell someone on a brand new book with no prior reviews. Fortunately, readers clearly love the story about a woman who inherits a sentient and magical tree library while fighting off an angry dragon.

Here are some snippets of what readers have said so far:

"Wonderful characters, an engrossing story and excellent writing."

"A mix of a comedy and a dash of mystery with magic thrown in to spice it all up."

"I found myself skipping sentences and paragraphs because I needed to know what was coming."

"I'm looking forward to more magical adventures learning about the fae and the Tree of Life."