Sample Chapters of Mom of the Chosen One

My next fantasy book, Mom of the Chosen One, is debuting on November 15th, and I've got some sneak previews for you! The first three chapters showcase the relationship between single mom Melissa Hartley and her teenage daughter Regan. I worked extra hard not to make Regan a teenage brat. She's supposed to be as likable as my sarcastic, middle-aged protagonist. The first few chapters give you a good idea of their interactions throughout the series.


NOTE: Amazon has dropped support of MOBI files on many of its ereader devices. If you're having trouble, I recommend trying to upload the EPUB version, or read the PDF version on a computer.

I've also got my proof copies back for the physical versions of the book. I'm so excited! I've never done a hardback book before and it feels so good in my hands.


Until November 15th, happy adventuring!

-DM Fike