Secret of the Fae Library is Live!

There are very few things more satisfying to an author than publishing a new book, especially in a series that readers enjoy. Given the strong start to Magical Midlife Librarian, I'm happy to announce that Book #2 is available in Kindle Unlimited, ebook, paperback, and hardcover forms! Happy book birthday, Secret of the Fae Library!

Rosalind may be the new Librarian of Atlantis, but she has to gain the trust of the fae…even if it kills her.

Rosalind wants to help fae patrons at the mythical Library of Atlantis, but most of them don’t trust someone raised in the human world. Even the fae that support her, like the mysterious sasquatch Henry, have doubts she can do the job.

But the library isn’t her only problem. Someone is using the island of Atlantis for illicit gain, and they view Rosalind as a threat.

If Rosalind doesn’t stop them, she might lose more than just her job.

Download your copy on Amazon, and as always, happy adventuring!

-DM Fike