Podcast Interview with Fantasy / Sci Fi Focus

Are you a fan of podcasts? I'm a dedicated listener to a few, mostly related to my side interest in true crime. (The old TV show Unsolved Mysteries, which long-time readers know I'm a huge fan of, has its own free podcast.)

I never thought I might be involved with a podcast, though, until I was asked for an interview by fellow author Jamie Davis over at Fantasy/Sci Fi Focus. We're both authors with stories in the Summer Solstice Shenanigans urban fantasy anthology (although he's got years more experience publishing his fantastic EMT-based UF books). In my podcast interview, Jamie asked me about my inspiration for my nature wizard series, as well as dove into my background writing for video games.

If podcasts are your thing, feel free to give my first ever author interview a listen:

Innovative Urban Fantasy with D.M. Fike on the Books and Authors Podcast - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Focus
DM Fike joins the podcast this episode. She’s worked in the video game industry for over a decade, starting out as a project manager and eventually becoming a story writer for characters, plots, and missions.