Get Your Summer Shenanigans

A few months ago, I submitted a new short story from my Magic of Nasci series to a popular writer's group who were looking to create an urban fantasy anthology. There were some big names attached to the project (like Martha Carr, whom I personally adore), so while I wanted to be involved, the competition was fierce and I wasn't sure if my little nature wizard series would get included.

You probably already guessed it, but my story did indeed make the cut. Check out Seeking Solstice, included in Summer Solstice Shenanigans.


If you're in the market to discover more talented urban fantasy authors this summer, this is your one-stop anthology shop. This collection contains 25 adventure-packed stories from both big names and upcoming indie authors alike. You'll not only get my brand new short story set in Ina's magical world, but tales of rampaging phoenixes, dragon mysteries, and parties at your local Magical Liaison Office.

Available as an eBook, in Kindle Unlimited, or in paperback.

Check out the Anthology Here