Happy Book Birthday, Soaring in Air!

Today I release the last book in my nature wizard series.  Soaring in Air is live on Amazon as an eBook, in paperback, and on Kindle Unlimited!

Soaring in Air

I didn't intend to become a debut author during a global pandemic. I started writing the Magic of Nasci months ago thinking 2020 would be a banner year. But like many of you, 2020 had different plans for me, and in March I found myself facing a conundrum: should I continue on as planned or "wait" for the world to get better?

Well you know the end to this story. I forged ahead. Even though I'm a planner by trade (having worked as a project manager), life offers no guarantees. There have been many times during this ridiculous year (after a family member was diagnosed with a bad chronic illness, for example) that I've second-guessed my decisions. I've also questioned my sanity, but that probably would have happened any other year.

But overall, I'm happy I published these 5 books. I crossed off a major item on my bucket list. I've learned a ton about both the writing and business side of writing books. And best of all, I've got to engage with readers like you who love the characters I've brought to life. You guys made a dumpster fire of a year actually pretty bearable. So thank you loads for that!

I have more ideas for Nasci stories if I have the readers to support it, so don't hesitate to reach out!  You can reach me here.

Happy adventuring to everyone out there!

-DM Fike