The Inspiration for Mom of the Chosen One

My kids are the reason I decided to publish fantasy novels.

Common wisdom says that grown-up realities like raising children stop us from pursuing our dreams. My life certainly got turned upside down when I had my child eleven years ago. Nothing quite prepares you for being responsible for another human being, and it is a massive time commitment.

I wrote very little during my daughters' early years. Between teaching at my local university part-time and being the children's primary caregiver, I choose extra sleep and sanity over productivity (a decision I do not regret to this day). But once they got older, I was faced with the choice between going back to work full-time or actually trying this "writing" dream I'd had rolling around in the back of my brain since college.

And yes, even in college I hiked for writing inspiration. A forest near Kellogg, Idaho, circa 2000.

If it had been solely up to me, I probably would've picked the "responsible" job. I was a project manager in the video game industry before having kids, and I enjoyed the work well enough. My husband, though, knew how much I wanted to write my own stories, and his salary covered our bills. He urged me to take the risk. I remember him clearly telling me as I waffled between the two options, "You gave up a lot of time for the family. It's okay to take a chance on you."

So, with his support, I've been writing for the past several years instead of clocking in at a traditional 9-to-5 position. I've taken on a few writing gigs for video game projects, but mostly I've been typing away at my own books. I'm not making a bunch of money yet, but I'm not losing money either. And everytime I have a book launch, I'm lucky enough to find a few more fans who enjoy my words.

Releasing Mom of the Chosen One today feels like my journey is coming full circle as a writer and mother. I'm proud of this new release about a mother's love for her daughter, but I also appreciate how that love echoes back to me in various ways. Even though I am a teeny, tiny author in a huge publishing world, I'm grateful for everyone who immerses themselves in my characters' worlds.


Mom of the Chosen One is available today as an eBook, paperback, hardback, and in Kindle Unlimited. Join Melissa Hartley as she goes on a magical journey only a mother could take. For readers of Paranormal Women’s Fiction and urban fantasy who like strong female protagonists, witty banter, and a hint of romance.

Happy Adventuring!

-DM Fike